Railway History In Iran
Efforts to construct railways in Iran were launched in 1872 but an effective step was taken in this regard after 15 years. In 1887 (nearly 124 years ago) a French company built a 8.7 kilometre rail track between Tehran and Shahr -e- Ray (in southern Tehran). Afterwards, a series of railroads were built all over the country as a result of the World War II or for the purpose of meeting the needs of the then Irano - British oil company in the course of a 40 year period. Many of those rail tracks were later dismantled. The surviving railways are: Jolfa - Tabriz railway which is 146 kilometres long and 1,524 millimetres wide, and the railroad which connects Zahedan and Mir Javeh (in southeastern Iran) which is 92 kilometres long and 1,676 millimetres wide. In the period between the end of the First World War and the start of the Second World War in the September of 1927, the construction of the nationwide railway network in Iran according to international standards began, extending from Bandar Imam Khomeini (formerly called Mahshahr) in the south to the port city of Turkmen in the north. The 1,389 kilometre railway project, funded by taxes levied on sugar consumed by the Iranian people, was completed in the summer of 1938. At the same time, preparations were made to build other railroads which were all left unfinished because of the outbreak of the Second World War and its subsequent occupation of Iran by the allied forces. In the course of the World War II and due to the pressure exerted on Iran by the occupation forces, the construction of a 123 kilometre railroad connecting Ahvaz and Khorramshahr in southern Iran started in 1932 and was finished in the same year.

At the time being Iran’s Railway route length of the railway network reaches over 9,482 KM which expanding rate is higher than many of neighbor countries.

Regarding Urban & Suburban Railway, TEHRAN stands in first place between other cities of Iran because of Network Length as 122 KM, and total travel per day which is 2,000,000

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