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It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the manufacturing groups in three fields:

  • RUBBER Industry
  • PLASTIC Industry

RUBBER Industry: This plant is located in QOM Province and launched its activity in 1984 with a group of experts in various fields such as Polymer and Mechanical Engineering enabling us to cooperate with clients like Islamic Republic of Iran Railways
Also Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Co.

PLASTIC Industry: This plant is located in TEHRAN Province near Imam Khomeini International Airport and launched its activity in 2003 with capability to design and produce various plastic parts for such industries as Food, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture and Railways field.

ROTOMOULDING Industry: This plant is located in QOM Province and became operational concurrently with IRAN PLAST 2008 Exhibition. While taking advantage of most advanced machineries with Italian Based technology, there is a paved way of achieving success and penetrating in competitive market after a while. One of our main customers in this industry is the Nomads Organisation of Iran:

The points mentioned below relate to ROTOMOULDING Industry and our products: Rotational Moulding is getting highly sophisticated manufacturing method for plastic parts. New mould and machine features, and advanced process control technologies, are becoming available at regular intervals. This provides designers and users access to new opportunities to create novel and innovative plastic mouldings.

Modern rotational moulding is characterized by an atmospheric pressure process that begins with fine powder and produces nearly stress-free parts. It is an essential requirement that the plastic withstands elevated temperatures for relatively long time. Modern, Multi – Armed machines allow multiple moulds of different size and shape to be run at the same time. With proper mould design, complex parts that are difficult or impossible to mould any other way can be rotationally moulded, parts are quite uniform unlike structural blow moulding or twin-sheet thermoforming. And unlike these competitive processes, standard rotational moulding has no seams or weld lines. Furthermore below items are noticeable regarding products:

  • Generally all kind of rotomoulded Tanks have ability for inserting vent parts as fluid outlet.
  • Rotomoulded parts can be produced with a broad range of materials: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, MDPE, EVA, EBA, PP, PVC and Nylons but Water Tanks are mostly produced from High Density Polyethylene.
  • Rotomoulded Tanks can be Food Grade for storing water and other drinkable liquids.
  • In some fields there is a demand for storing chemical materials like acid and corrosive liquids, in this regard produced tanks are durable against mentioned materials.
  • Based on Raw Material (Polyethylene) nature, last product also has durability against Ultra Violet (U.V) Radiation.